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3.4/  4488  9 years  jfenwick   Fix release version in docs
3.4.1/  4596  8 years  sshaw   fixed date format for debian package changelog
4.0fordebian/  5597  7 years  jfenwick   Changes after Jessie update
4.1deb/  5850  6 years  jfenwick   Undoing changes which belong in d/patches
DataC_2092/  2103  14 years  jfenwick   Branch commit. Added a note about mismatched allocs and decallocs. Added Data::a…
ROBW_XPLATFORM/  678  16 years  robwdcock   +Allow for environment variable PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and PYTHONPATH to not ex…
RW_WIN32/  333  16 years  phornby   Getting to build on our altix to see if any of the source files have been broke…
amg_from_3530/  3826  10 years  lgao   Resovle the conflicts after "svn merge main-stream".
arrayview_from_1695_trunk/  1795  14 years  jfenwick   Branch commit. Pulling across changes for trunk revisions 1780:1794.
arrexp_2137_win/  2212  13 years  jfenwick   Executive summary: This commit adds copy on write checks to operations involvin…
arrexp_2137_win_merge/  2270  13 years  jfenwick   Bringing branch up to 2269
arrexp_trunk2098/  2145  13 years  jfenwick   Branch commit. This version of the python files passes unit tests compiled with …
clazy/  6520  5 years  jfenwick   Remove dead comment
complex/  5937  6 years  jfenwick   More type aliasing
cookbookdev/  2823  12 years  ahallam   place for cookbook to roam free
csiropost2.0/  2452  13 years  jfenwick   Branch of trunk for csiro
diaplayground/  5147  8 years  caltinay   merge to latest trunk.
dirac/  3557  11 years  jfenwick   Added default args to the c++ side to keep the weipa unit tests happy
domexper/  3258  12 years  jfenwick   Fixed lapack path for badger
doubleplusgood/  4345  9 years  jfenwick   Spelling fixes
escript3047_with_pastix2995/  3049  12 years  lgao   Add direct solver pastix 2995. Currently works for single MPI rank only. For job…
installexpr/  4402  9 years  jfenwick   Different experiment
intelc_win32/  756  16 years  woo409   + Allow for single CPU builds on cognac
inv2jf/  5552  7 years  jfenwick   It doesnt run properly
invexpr/  5501  7 years  jfenwick   Adding local only variables and deferred config for regularizations
lapack2681/  2741  13 years  jfenwick   Adding unit tests for ReadyData forms
more_shared_ptrs_from_1812/  1871  14 years  jfenwick   Branch commit merge changes up to revision 1870.
mvexpr/  4427  9 years  jfenwick   testing a branch
netcf4/  4351  9 years  jfenwick   doesnt work yet
newcdf/  5415  7 years  jfenwick   For experiments with the new netcdf
numpy/  2454  13 years  jfenwick   Bringing branch up to trunk r2452
oxley/  6970  2 years  uqaeller   Changes to dof map in Rectangle, & getConnections
pasoc/  6564  5 years  jfenwick   Initial paso pass complete. Note: it compiles but it is _wrong_! For example, m…
pasowrap/  3674  11 years  jfenwick   Pass 1 complete on dudley
pml/  6705  4 years  aellery   Quick and nasty python user interface for rectangle is done.
postrelease-csirofixes/  4958  8 years  caltinay   merge more unittest2 wrapping.
pre3.2.1/  3613  11 years  jfenwick   Try again
pre3.3/  3938  10 years  jfenwick   tweak
prepy3/  3665  11 years  jfenwick   We can now compile using a version of python other than the one scons is running…
py3_attempt2/  3891  10 years  jfenwick   Switched the ripley tests over to using // (added in py2.3)
refine/  3900  10 years  jfenwick   getNormal() now works for FaceElements Made the face_cell structure consistent w…
restext/  2624  13 years  jfenwick   Done
ripleygmg_from_3668/  3791  10 years  caltinay   Getting ready to merge with trunk.
schroedinger/  1943  14 years  jfenwick   Branch commit Added interpolation.
schroedinger_upto1946/  2002  14 years  phornby   One step closer to getting openmp going on windows. All compiles & links, and th…
schroedinger_upto2002/  2004  14 years  jfenwick   Merging changes upto 2002 onto branch
scons-dev/  1699  14 years  ksteube   Fixed InstallAs target for Windows (removed escriptcpp.pyd since this file is no…
scons_revamp_from_3210/  3249  12 years  caltinay   Removed env_mpi since it's more confusing than useful. So the only environments …
slanty/  4276  9 years  jfenwick   Another experiment
split/  4933  8 years  jfenwick   Merged up to 4932
stage3.0/  2590  13 years  jfenwick   Updated users guide to talk about support bundles.
stage3.1/  2983  12 years  jfenwick   Updating cookbook to trunk 2982
subworld/  5068  8 years  jfenwick   Broken but logging changes
subworld2/  5530  7 years  jfenwick   Finally making the modded script available. Some other tweaks
symbolic_from_3470/  3974  10 years  caltinay   Update to latest trunk.
trilinos_from_5897/  6118  6 years  caltinay   fixed weipa dependencies.
trunk-mpi-branch/  1320  15 years  ksteube   Moved trunk-mpi-branch into the branches subdirectory where it belongs
windows_from_1383_trunk/  1424  14 years  trankine   removed the toPyString code by undefining DEBUG_PY_STRINGS. passes the python st…
windows_from_1431_trunk/  1453  14 years  phornby   Is now restored to run_linearPDEsOnFinley.py
windows_from_1456_trunk/  1457  14 years  phornby   Open new branch for system_dep.h fixup & dealing with intermittent run_tests fa…
windows_from_1456_trunk_1522_merged_in/  1545  14 years  phornby   Merg in trunk changes.
windows_from_1456_trunk_1544_merged_in/  1578  14 years  phornby   Now restore the old 1544 merged branch to its previous state. (Yup, I forgot t…
windows_from_1456_trunk_1574_merged_in/  1580  14 years  phornby   This once again compiles and links under windows after merging to trunk version …
windows_from_1456_trunk_1580_merged_in/  1617  14 years  ksteube   Windows branch passes test suite on Savanna...except for paso/src/mmio.c I rever…
windows_from_1456_trunk_1620_merged_in/  1626  14 years  phornby   To resolve a conflict over what "I" is in the case of intel compilers (in the …
windows_from_6851_trunk/  7028  2 years  mendrei   flush utest print output at start of each test

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