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Mon Nov 28 06:09:41 2005 UTC (15 years, 5 months ago) by robwdcock
File size: 841 byte(s)
+ Fixed problem with build paths for python tests being in the wrong location
+ Added build & run for python unit tests for escript and finley.

+ scons defaults to building ALL targets so if will build everything, including running all tests. This behaviour can be modified by specifying the DEFAULT targets but I've not done this yet. In the interim specify the target you want.
+ Some dependencies need to be specified as scons does not figure them out automatically, though a helper scanner might be able to. These can be specified explicitly using scons Depend function. Not yet done so you can get an invalid build (especially in parallel). Examples include python depends on shared libraries, possibly a couple of library dependencies for install targets - need to verify. 
1 robwdcock 212 Import('*')
2     local_env=env.Copy()
4     program_name = 'finley_UnitTest'
5 phornby 221 local_env.Append(LIBS=[boost_lib_name, 'finleycpp', 'brucecpp', 'escriptcpp', 'esysUtils', 'CppUnitTest', 'paso', 'mmio'])
6 robwdcock 212
7     src_dir = local_env.Dir('.').srcnode().abspath
9     import os
10     filenames = os.listdir(src_dir)
11     sources = [x for x in filenames if os.path.splitext(x)[1] in ['.cpp', '.c']]
13 robwdcock 218 if env['PLATFORM'] == "win32":
14     local_env['PDB'] = program_name+'.pdb'
15 robwdcock 212
16 robwdcock 218
17 robwdcock 212 program = local_env.Program(program_name, sources)
18     # TODO: Need to decide on how the library paths etc are going to be handled
19     # TODO: For now just install the program to the same location as the libraries so things can run at least
20     local_env.Install(esys_lib, program)
21 robwdcock 229
22     # run the tests
23     local_env.RunUnitTest(program_name)
24 robwdcock 240
26     local_env.SConscript(dirs = ['#/finley/test/python'], build_dir='py', duplicate=0)

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