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Thu Nov 24 04:16:33 2005 UTC (16 years, 7 months ago) by robwdcock
File size: 601 byte(s)
Reorganise the unit test source tree and how it operates. All tests in the suite are now compiled into a single executable. If for some reason you want to run just one then use the following syntax on the command line:
finley_UnitTests --suite=Atest,AnotherTest,YetAnotherTest,...

1 Import('*')
2 local_env=env.Copy()
4 program_name = 'finley_UnitTest'
5 local_env.Append(LIBS=[boost_lib_name, 'brucecpp', 'escriptcpp', 'esysUtils', 'CppUnitTest'])
7 src_dir = local_env.Dir('.').srcnode().abspath
9 import os
10 filenames = os.listdir(src_dir)
11 sources = [x for x in filenames if os.path.splitext(x)[1] in ['.cpp', '.c']]
14 program = local_env.Program(program_name, sources)
15 # TODO: Need to decide on how the library paths etc are going to be handled
16 # TODO: For now just install the program to the same location as the libraries so things can run at least
17 local_env.Install(esys_lib, program)

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