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1 \vbox{}
2 \vfill
3 \begin{center}
4 \textbf{\Large Researchers and Developers}\pdfbookmark[0]{Researchers}{researchers}
5 \vspace{0.5cm}
7 Escript is the product of years of work by many people.
8 The active researchers for the current release series (3.X) are listed here in alphabetical order.
9 While development is collaborative, each person is listed with some of their major contributions --- this list is not exhaustive.
10 Personel for previous release series are listed in an appendix of the user guide.
12 \vspace{1cm}
13 \hrule
14 \vspace{1cm}
15 \begin{description}
16 \item[Cihan Altinay] \texttt{esys.weipa} visualisation package, SCons build system rework.
17 %\item[Artak Amirbekyan] Solvers, OSX work.
18 \item[Vince Boros] Magnetism.
19 \item[Joel Fenwick] Lazy evaluation, maintenance of escript module, release wrangler.
20 %\item[Lin Gao] Performance analysis.
21 \item[Lutz Gross] Patriarch, technical lead, solvers, large chunks of the original code.
22 \item[Azadeh Salehi] Inversion.
23 \end{description}
24 \end{center}
25 \vfill
26 \pagebreak

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