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Staging area for release 3.0

1 Procedure for producing a new debian package.
3 Update the changelog file. Remember to record the repository version you built this package from.
4 (trunk/packaging/lenny/escript/usr/share/doc/changelog.Debian)
5 Do not remove the old entries in the log.
7 Update the control file to include the new version number.
8 (trunk/packaging/lenny/escript/DEBIAN/control)
9 ~2.0-1
10 .... .......
11 X Y
13 X is the escript version ie the publicly visible release number.
14 Y is the debian package version for escript version X.
16 If you are going to distribute the package and you are not building from exactly the same repository version,
17 then you should increase this number (Y).
18 If X increases, then Y should go back to 1
20 Update trunk/doc/manpages/finleypython.1 (or whatever it is called now) to record any changes.
22 Commit any changes you have made.

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