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Wed Feb 27 10:10:09 2008 UTC (13 years, 2 months ago) by trankine
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This branch replaces 

as the windows port branch.

If you were on the above branch, an svn switch will get you across.

The added file is a temporary test file to be deleted later. I excercises some (ex-)misbehaviour caused by returning anonymous temporary copies of local stack temporary variables across windows DLL boundaries.
1 trankine 1433
2     import copy as cp
4     from esys.escript import *
5     from esys.finley import Rectangle
6     d=Rectangle(1,1)
7     y=Function(d)
8     #print type(y)
9     #x = cp.deepcopy(y)
10     #print type(x)
11     for i in range(50000):
12     print (10*"="+" %d "+10*"=")%i
13     sss=str(y)
14     print sss

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