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Wed Jun 1 06:00:06 2016 UTC (4 years, 11 months ago) by caltinay
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**Warning, this may break your build**
- Bumped required options version to 203 - new options for trilinos, paso, weipa
- scons/templates/README_FIRST is now the file that explains all the options,
  added comment to README but need to change install guide still.
- removed some obsolete options files
- removed most comments from template files, they now refer to README_FIRST
- removed usepython3 option as we now determine this based on python version
- enabled use of numpy.h with python 3 (last commit should have fixed the

2 For the impatient:
3 - Install at least g++, python, scons, boost, numpy
4 - READ the file scons/templates/README_FIRST
5 - Copy a suitable template options file from scons/templates/ to
6 scons/`hostname`_options.py and modify as required.
7 - type: scons to build escript
9 For more information read the install guide (scons install_pdf)
10 and to get started using escript see the user guide and the cookbook.

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