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Wed Mar 22 14:00:08 2006 UTC (13 years, 11 months ago) by robwdcock
Original Path: branches/ROBW_XPLATFORM/escript/test/DataC/CompareFuncs.h
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File size: 650 byte(s)
Creating a private branch so I can test and verify cross-platform build
1 jgs 474 #include "DataC.h"
2 jgs 82
3     /**
4     \brief
5     Compare the result obtained with the C interface to the given value.
6     */
7     int compareTypeCode(struct escriptDataC* data, int typeResult);
8     int compareNumSamples(struct escriptDataC* data, int numDataPointsPerSample, int numSamples);
9     int compareIsExpanded(struct escriptDataC* data, int expanded);
10     int compareIsEmpty(struct escriptDataC* data, int empty);
11     /*int comparePointShape(struct escriptDataC* data, int rank, int* dimensions);*/
12     /*int compareSampleDataWrite(struct escriptDataC* data, int sampleNo, double* sampleData);*/
13     /*int compareSampleDataRead(struct escriptDataC* data, int tag, double* sampleData);*/


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