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bin/  4506  5 years  caltinay   run-escript -m now takes an optional argument to allow for different valgrind to…
debian/  4491  5 years  caltinay   Reintegrating changes from 3.4 branch (with changes).
doc/  4555  5 years  sshaw   updated doc install instructions to match that required
downunder/  4556  5 years  sshaw   fixed mixed tabs/spaces and py2 prints breaking the python3 compiler
dudley/  4558  5 years  jfenwick   Moving MeshAdapter constructor call out of smartptr constructor. I think a thro…
escript/  4525  5 years  jfenwick   try this
escriptcore/  4547  5 years  jfenwick   Added msec unit
esysUtils/  4521  5 years  jfenwick   Remove bool_t Part of random.
finley/  4542  5 years  jfenwick   Moving to new icc and associated modules.
modellib/  4509  5 years  jfenwick   Fixed paths for utest.sh
paso/  4527  5 years  jfenwick   use enums
pasowrap/  4521  5 years  jfenwick   Remove bool_t Part of random.
pycad/  4398  5 years  jfenwick   support for supressing doco subpackages. fiddling with one of the imports to try…
pythonMPI/  4346  5 years  jfenwick   Bringing the changes from doubleplusgood branch. Can't merge directly because sv…
ripley/  4529  5 years  caltinay   Ripley can now read grids in non-native byte order. This is in preparation for G…
scons/  4557  5 years  caltinay   Fixed boost/intel issue in dudley and synced options file with module on savanna…
scripts/  4494  5 years  caltinay   Suppressions for savanna runs.
site_scons/  4520  5 years  caltinay   Removing spurious usage of C compiler: -Changed all scons tests to use C++ compi…
tools/  4521  5 years  jfenwick   Remove bool_t Part of random.
weipa/  4509  5 years  jfenwick   Fixed paths for utest.sh
CREDITS.txt  3382  8 years  jfenwick   I've added better credits for dev team. There is a new page just before the cont…
README_LICENSE  3597  7 years  caltinay   Switching to external cppunit: -removed tools/CppUnitTest -updated scons script …
SConstruct  4542  5 years  jfenwick   Moving to new icc and associated modules.
start.py  4508  5 years  jfenwick   Moving to escriptcore


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