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bin/  2510  13 years  gross   fix for INTELMPI
doc/  2515  13 years  gross   missing files for documentation
escript/  2517  13 years  jfenwick   Fixed bug in Locator
esys/  2006  13 years  jfenwick   Updating svn:ignore properties.
esysUtils/  2249  13 years  jfenwick   Fixed some pathing issues.
finley/  2518  13 years  gross   bug in setNewX fixed: now it is made sure that the FunctionSpace of the new coor…
include/  2006  13 years  jfenwick   Updating svn:ignore properties.
lib/  2463  13 years  jfenwick   Added an svn-ignore, added changes and references section to user guide.
modellib/  2516  13 years  gross   files are not needed anymore.
packaging/  2458  13 years  jfenwick   Various numarray erasures
paso/  2509  13 years  artak   Now one can choose coarsening method from python for AMG. Some commented lines a…
pycad/  2455  13 years  jfenwick   Merging changes from numpy branch.
pythonMPI/  2418  13 years  gross   redirect stdout to NULL instead of /dev/null for Windows
pyvisi/  2474  13 years  gross   linearPDEs has is now using the SolverOptions class to talk to PASO
scons/  2512  13 years  jfenwick   Made the warnings against linking gomp a bit more detailed. Commented out gomp f…
scripts/  2502  13 years  gross   tests for examples added. utest is not working yet.
tools/  2344  13 years  jfenwick   Change __url__ to launchpad site
README_LICENSE  2287  13 years  jfenwick   Added skeleton of install guide. Removed some files which come in the standard t…
README_TESTS  2155  13 years  jfenwick   Test
SConstruct  2474  13 years  gross   linearPDEs has is now using the SolverOptions class to talk to PASO
autodocs.sh  2110  13 years  ksteube   Fixed nightly documentation. Removed time command from wrapper. I thought it was…
autotest-crontab  1388  14 years  trankine   And get the *(&(*&(* name right
autotest-scons  2368  13 years  gross   some fixes for MKL and Mpisize>1


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