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lib/  2463  12 years  jfenwick   Added an svn-ignore, added changes and references section to user guide.
packaging/  2923  11 years  jfenwick   Bringing non-release specific things from stage3.1 r2922 back to trunk
pythonMPI/  2881  11 years  jfenwick   Don't panic. Updating copyright stamps
esysUtils/  2881  11 years  jfenwick   Don't panic. Updating copyright stamps
scripts/  2881  11 years  jfenwick   Don't panic. Updating copyright stamps
pyvisi/  2987  11 years  gross   FCT solver rewritten
bin/  3059  11 years  jfenwick   Fix error message in launcher. Allow non-data objects to be passed to condEval
scons/  3053  11 years  jfenwick   Fixes to deal with new savanna configuration. Blocking out missing images.
paso/  3051  11 years  lgao   Hybrid MPI/OpenMP versioned Gauss_Seidel preconditioner is added. To use it, us…
tools/  3037  11 years  caltinay   Renamed escriptexport to weipa. Fixes #475.
weipa/  3037  11 years  caltinay   Renamed escriptexport to weipa. Fixes #475.
esys/  2006  12 years  jfenwick   Updating svn:ignore properties.
include/  2006  12 years  jfenwick   Updating svn:ignore properties.
modellib/  3014  11 years  gross   a more stable handling of divergence in the CN or BE
pycad/  3071  11 years  gross   new darcy flux
finley/  3071  11 years  gross   new darcy flux
doc/  3071  11 years  gross   new darcy flux
escript/  3071  11 years  gross   new darcy flux
autotest-crontab  1388  13 years  trankine   And get the *(&(*&(* name right
SConstruct  3039  11 years  caltinay   Fix the NetCDF 4.1 issue (hopefully) - MPICH and IntelMPI have the required defi…
README_LICENSE  2786  11 years  caltinay   Fixed a little typo.
autodocs.sh  2110  12 years  ksteube   Fixed nightly documentation. Removed time command from wrapper. I thought it was…
README_TESTS  2155  12 years  jfenwick   Test
autotest-scons  2368  12 years  gross   some fixes for MKL and Mpisize>1


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