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escript/  4884  5 years  jduplessis   this file is added so that we can import Symbolic by doing: import esys.escr…
scripts/  4906  5 years  sshaw   restoring lost changes
pythonMPI/  4963  5 years  jfenwick   Removed JMPI from ScriptMPI.cpp. Changed options file to build shared libraries…
tools/  5019  4 years  sshaw   scons ends if tests fail again
pasowrap/  5183  4 years  caltinay   More long-index work. Added scons option 'longindices'. Parts will not compile y…
cusplibrary/  5245  4 years  caltinay   CPU optimizations for block size 1 symmetric spmv (DIA) which is now also faster…
paso/  5265  4 years  jfenwick   Adding missing include which clang noticed.
bin/  5266  4 years  caltinay   New options 'launcher', 'prelaunch' and 'postlaunch'. The idea is to avoid syste…
modellib/  5288  4 years  sshaw   fixing tests for cases where required domains not built
esysUtils/  5314  4 years  jfenwick   Trying again to fix this without messing up mpi
ripley/  5321  4 years  sshaw   adding omitted 3D diracdelta interpolation tests
dudley/  5326  4 years  sshaw   reinstating old dudley tests that weren't properly being tested due to construct…
weipa/  5364  4 years  caltinay   Fixed Voxet origin which refers to cell centre in Voxet lingo.
finley/  5372  4 years  sshaw   removing parallel section on map inserts
speckley/  5373  4 years  caltinay   Fixing OMP build with icc13 on raijin.
debian/  5378  4 years  jfenwick   Adding boostrandom to requirements
site_scons/  5391  4 years  caltinay   report gmshpy availability
pycad/  5399  4 years  caltinay   commented obsolete test.
doc/  5400  4 years  jduplessis   added unlink
downunder/  5401  4 years  jduplessis   mpirank added
escriptcore/  5402  4 years  jfenwick   True location of runMPIProgram
scons/  5405  4 years  caltinay   next try.
CREDITS.txt  3382  8 years  jfenwick   I've added better credits for dev team. There is a new page just before the cont…
README_LICENSE  3597  7 years  caltinay   Switching to external cppunit: -removed tools/CppUnitTest -updated scons script …
SConstruct  5391  4 years  caltinay   report gmshpy availability
run-escript.in  5404  4 years  caltinay   Disabled OMP binding by default because it interfers with mpi binding - threads …


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