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esys/  2006  11 years  jfenwick   Updating svn:ignore properties.
include/  2006  11 years  jfenwick   Updating svn:ignore properties.
lib/  2199  11 years  jfenwick   Misc fixes: Added some svn:ignore properties for output files that were clutter…
tools/  2206  11 years  caltinay   Added some more doxygen docu to escriptreader classes.
esysUtils/  2249  11 years  jfenwick   Fixed some pathing issues.
modellib/  2262  11 years  jfenwick   Create missing directory in script.
packaging/  2302  11 years  jfenwick   Debian/ubuntu package now includes the user guide and the python doco (but not t…
scons/  2308  11 years  gross   size_t may be 64 bits which is incompatible to MPI_INT. This problem is fixed by…
scripts/  2312  11 years  jfenwick   Made the standalone setup a bit more generic.
pyvisi/  2314  11 years  gross   proper error handling for ppn2mpeg execution added.
paso/  2315  11 years  gross   fixes for MPI
pycad/  2319  11 years  gross   some more work on tests on MPI
pythonMPI/  2319  11 years  gross   some more work on tests on MPI
finley/  2325  11 years  gross   tests for Lame equation added.
escript/  2325  11 years  gross   tests for Lame equation added.
doc/  2326  11 years  artak   Instructions on how to install on Mac from source.
autotest-crontab  1388  12 years  trankine   And get the *(&(*&(* name right
autotest-scons  1707  11 years  ksteube   Fixed nightly tests for savanna (no longer running in PBS cause can't compile on…
autodocs.sh  2110  11 years  ksteube   Fixed nightly documentation. Removed time command from wrapper. I thought it was…
README_TESTS  2155  11 years  jfenwick   Test
README_LICENSE  2287  11 years  jfenwick   Added skeleton of install guide. Removed some files which come in the standard t…
SConstruct  2324  11 years  jfenwick   Fixed some non-portable paths in SConstruct. Added section links for compiling o…


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