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Fri Jul 11 13:12:46 2008 UTC (12 years, 9 months ago) by phornby
File size: 1654 byte(s)

Merge in /branches/windows_from_1456_trunk_1620_merged_in branch.

You will find a preserved pre-merge trunk in tags under tags/trunk_at_1625.
That will be useful for diffing & checking on my stupidity.

Here is a list of the conflicts and their resolution at this
point in time.

(LLWS == looks like white space).

finley/src/Assemble_addToSystemMatrix.c - resolve to branch - unused var. may be wrong.....
finley/src/CPPAdapter/SystemMatrixAdapter.cpp - resolve to branch - LLWS
finley/src/CPPAdapter/MeshAdapter.cpp - resolve to branch - LLWS
paso/src/PCG.c - resolve to branch - unused var fixes.
paso/src/SolverFCT.c - resolve to branch - LLWS
paso/src/FGMRES.c - resolve to branch - LLWS
paso/src/Common.h - resolve to trunk version. It's omp.h's include... not sure it's needed,
but for the sake of saftey.....
paso/src/Functions.c - resolve to branch version, indentation/tab removal and return error
on bad unimplemented Paso_FunctionCall.
paso/src/SolverFCT_solve.c - resolve to branch version, unused vars
paso/src/SparseMatrix_MatrixVector.c - resolve to branch version, unused vars.
escript/src/Utils.cpp - resloved to branch, needs WinSock2.h
escript/src/DataExpanded.cpp - resolved to branch version - LLWS
escript/src/DataFactory.cpp - resolve to branch version

This currently passes tests on linux (debian), but is not checked on windows or Altix yet.

This checkin is to make a trunk I can check out for windows to do tests on it.

Known outstanding problem is in the operator=() method of exceptions
causing warning messages on the intel compilers.

May the God of doughnuts have mercy on my soul.

1 gross 705
2 ksteube 774 The tests are now bundled with the rest of the software. You can run
3     them by hand with
4 gross 705
5 ksteube 774 scons run_tests (C++ tests only)
6 phornby 1628 scons py_tests (python tests only)
7 ksteube 774 scons all_tests (C++ and python tests)
9     The target run_tests takes about 15 minutes to run on ess. The target
10     all_tests takes quite a while to run, over a day on ess. Both sets of
11     tests are run nightly on ess, so it's probably not necessary for you
12     to run them yourself. The output of these nightly runs is available
13     to you in this directory on ess:
15     /raid3/ksteube/AutoTests
17     The autotest-scons script is run on ess nightly. It submits a PBS job
18     which does these things:
20     Check out trunk from esys13
21     Run scons run_tests or scons all_tests (command-line arg chooses which)
22     Report success or failure via e-mail
23     Clean up
25     The autotest-scons file should be maintained in SVN as
26     esys13/trunk/autotest-scons, be sure to copy it there and commit after
27     modification.
29     Log files, output and daily PBS scripts are maintained in
30     /raid3/ksteube/AutoTests/Logs
32     All files older than 3 weeks are deleted from here nightly. See the
33     find command in autotest-scons to change this behavior
35     Here is the crontab file I use to run it:
37     # min hour day month weekday command
38     # 0-59 0-23 1-31 1-12 0-6 (0 = Sunday)
39     #
40     SHELL=/bin/sh
41     MAILTO=k.steube@uq.edu.au
42     #
43     # Run 'autotest-scons run_tests' in the wee hours every weekday
44     0 1 * * 1-5 /raid3/ksteube/AutoTests/autotest-scons run_tests
45     # Run 'autotest-scons all_tests' in the wee hours only on Saturdays because it takes a long time to run
46     0 1 * * 6 /raid3/ksteube/AutoTests/autotest-scons all_tests

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