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revision 721 by gross, Thu Apr 27 10:16:05 2006 UTC revision 722 by gross, Mon May 1 11:49:18 2006 UTC
# Line 87  opts.AddOptions( Line 87  opts.AddOptions(
87    PathOption('boost_lib_path', 'Path to Boost libs', '/usr/lib'),    PathOption('boost_lib_path', 'Path to Boost libs', '/usr/lib'),
88    ('boost_lib', 'Boost libraries to link with', ['boost_python',]),    ('boost_lib', 'Boost libraries to link with', ['boost_python',]),
89  # Doc building  # Doc building
90    PathOption('doxygen_path', 'Path to Doxygen executable', None),  #  PathOption('doxygen_path', 'Path to Doxygen executable', None),
91    PathOption('epydoc_path', 'Path to Epydoc executable', None),  #  PathOption('epydoc_path', 'Path to Epydoc executable', None),
   PathOption('epydoc_pythonpath', 'Path to Epydoc python files', None),  
92  # PAPI  # PAPI
93    PathOption('papi_path', 'Path to PAPI includes', None),    PathOption('papi_path', 'Path to PAPI includes', None),
94    PathOption('papi_lib_path', 'Path to PAPI libs', None),    PathOption('papi_lib_path', 'Path to PAPI libs', None),
# Line 301  try: Line 300  try:
300  except KeyError:  except KeyError:
301     epydoc_path = None       epydoc_path = None  
302  try:  try:
    epydoc_pythonpath = env['epydoc_pythonpath']  
 except KeyError:  
    epydoc_pythonpath = None    
303     includes = env['papi_path']     includes = env['papi_path']
304     env.Append(CPPPATH = [includes,])     env.Append(CPPPATH = [includes,])
305  except KeyError:  except KeyError:
# Line 386  env.Command(pyinstall+'/__init__.py', No Line 381  env.Command(pyinstall+'/__init__.py', No
382  # Allow sconscripts to see the env  # Allow sconscripts to see the env
383  Export(["env", "incinstall", "libinstall", "pyinstall", "dodebug", "mkl_libs", "scsl_libs", "umf_libs",  Export(["env", "incinstall", "libinstall", "pyinstall", "dodebug", "mkl_libs", "scsl_libs", "umf_libs",
384      "boost_lib", "python_lib", "doxygen_path", "epydoc_path", "epydoc_pythonpath", "papi_libs",      "boost_lib", "python_lib", "doxygen_path", "epydoc_path", "papi_libs",
385          "sys_libs", "test_zipfile", "src_zipfile", "test_tarfile", "src_tarfile", "examples_tarfile", "examples_zipfile",          "sys_libs", "test_zipfile", "src_zipfile", "test_tarfile", "src_tarfile", "examples_tarfile", "examples_zipfile",
386          "guide_pdf", "guide_html_index", "api_epydoc"])          "guide_pdf", "guide_html_index", "api_epydoc"])

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