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revision 684 by robwdcock, Mon Mar 27 07:34:07 2006 UTC revision 685 by gross, Mon Mar 27 22:16:33 2006 UTC
# Line 66  opts.AddOptions( Line 66  opts.AddOptions(
66    PathOption('umf_lib_path', 'Path to UMF libs', None),    PathOption('umf_lib_path', 'Path to UMF libs', None),
67    ('umf_libs', 'UMF libraries to link with', None),    ('umf_libs', 'UMF libraries to link with', None),
68  # Python  # Python
69    PathOption('python_path', 'Path to Python includes', '/usr/include'),  # locations of include files for python
70      PathOption('python_path', 'Path to Python includes', '/usr/include/python%s.%s'%(sys.version_info[0],sys.version_info[1])),
71    PathOption('python_lib_path', 'Path to Python libs', '/usr/lib'),    PathOption('python_lib_path', 'Path to Python libs', '/usr/lib'),
72    ('python_lib', 'Python libraries to link with', ['python2.3',]),    ('python_lib', 'Python libraries to link with', ["python%s.%s"%(sys.version_info[0],sys.version_info[1]),]),
73  # Boost  # Boost
74    PathOption('boost_path', 'Path to Boost includes', '/usr/include'),    PathOption('boost_path', 'Path to Boost includes', '/usr/include'),
75    PathOption('boost_lib_path', 'Path to Boost libs', '/usr/lib'),    PathOption('boost_lib_path', 'Path to Boost libs', '/usr/lib'),

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