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Thu Apr 6 00:13:40 2006 UTC (16 years, 11 months ago) by gross
File size: 552 byte(s)
A few changes in the build mechanism and the file structure so scons can build release tar files:

  * paso/src/Solver has been moved to paso/src 
  * all test_.py are now run_.py files and are assumed to be passing python tests. they can run by 
    scons py_tests and are part of the release test set
  * escript/py_src/test_ are moved to escript/test/python and are installed in to the build directory 
    (rather then the PYTHONPATH).
  * all py files in test/python which don't start with run_ or test_ are now 'local_py_tests'. they are installed i
    by not run automatically.
  * CppUnitTest is now treated as a escript module (against previous decisions).
  * scons realse builds nor tar/zip files with relvant source code (src and tests in seperate files)

the python tests don't pass yet due to path problems.

1 robwdcock 642 #include "BruceTestCase.h"
2     #include "BruceFactoryTestCase.h"
4 gross 700 #include "tools/CppUnitTest/TestRunner.h"
5 robwdcock 642
6     using namespace CppUnitTest;
8     int main(int argc, char* argv[])
9     {
10     //
11     // object which runs all of the tests
12     TestRunner runner;
13     //
14     // add the RangeTestCase suite of tests to the runner
15     runner.addTest ("Bruce", BruceTestCase::suite());
16     runner.addTest ("BruceFactory", BruceFactoryTestCase::suite());
18     // actually run the unit tests.
19     runner.run (argc, argv);
20     return 0;
21     }

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