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Thu Apr 16 01:53:23 2009 UTC (12 years ago) by ahallam
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Initial Commital of CookBook to SVN
Has 2.5 Weeks work and semi completed first heat diffusion tutorial
1 ahallam 2392 DOMAIN -> Region over which a PDE is to solved as defined by the problem. Contains the limits of the problems and the mesh or grid on which it will be solved.
3     FUNCTIONSPACE -> Defines where on a DOMAIN a function will be evaluated. Specifically what part of the mesh. A number of FUNCTIONSPACES exist and these are defined in the user guide.
5     DATAOBJECTS -> when a function is applied to DOMAIN and a FUNCTIONSPACE a DATA OBJECT is returned. It contains the values of the function when evaluated at the points defined by the union of a domain and a function space.

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