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# Line 61  Email: \email{esys@esscc.uq.edu.au} Line 61  Email: \email{esys@esscc.uq.edu.au}
62  \chapter{Getting Started with Heat Diffusion}  \chapter{Getting Started with Heat Diffusion}
63  \label{CHAP HEAT DIFF}  \label{CHAP HEAT DIFF}
64    We will start by examining a simple one dimensional heat diffusion example. This problem will provide a good launch pad to build our knowledge of \esc and demonstrate how to solve simple partial differential equations (PDEs)\footnote{Wikipedia provides an excellent and comprehensive introduction to \textit{Partial Differential Equations} \url{http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partial_differential_equation}, however their relevance to \esc and implementation should become a clearer as we develop our understanding further into the cookbook.}
65  \input{onedheatdiff001}  \input{onedheatdiff001}
66  \input{onedheatdiff002}  \input{onedheatdiff002}
# Line 73  Email: \email{esys@esscc.uq.edu.au} Line 74  Email: \email{esys@esscc.uq.edu.au}
74  \chapter{Seismic Wave Propagation}  \chapter{Seismic Wave Propagation}
75  \input{twodswp001}  \input{twodswp001}
77    \include{einsteinETA}
78  \end{document}  \end{document}

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