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revision 2599 by gross, Tue Aug 4 08:24:12 2009 UTC revision 2600 by jfenwick, Fri Aug 7 04:47:49 2009 UTC
# Line 24  from esys.escript.pdetools import Locato Line 24  from esys.escript.pdetools import Locato
24  from esys.escript.linearPDEs import LinearPDE  from esys.escript.linearPDEs import LinearPDE
25  from esys.finley import Brick  from esys.finley import Brick
26  from numpy import identity,zeros,ones  from numpy import identity,zeros,ones
27    import matplotlib
29    matplotlib.use('agg')    #For interactive use, you can comment out this line
30    #It's just here to make testing easier
32  import matplotlib.pyplot as plt  import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

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