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# Line 18  Binary distributions (no compilation req Line 18  Binary distributions (no compilation req
18  \begin{itemize}  \begin{itemize}
19   \item \linux~-- Section~\ref{sec:binlinux}   \item \linux~-- Section~\ref{sec:binlinux}
20   \item \macosx~-- Section~\ref{sec:binmac}   \item \macosx~-- Section~\ref{sec:binmac}
21  %  \item Windows~-- \Sec{sec:binwin}.   \item Windows~-- Section~\ref{sec:binwin}.
22  \end{itemize}  \end{itemize}
24    Note that the binary packages do not support \openmp\footnote{This is due to a bug related to gcc 4.3.2.} or \mpi\footnote{Producing packages for \mpi requires knowing something about your computer's configuration.}.
25    If you need these features you will need to compile \esfinley from source (see Section~\ref{sec:compilesrc} and Section~\ref{sec:compileescriptlinux}.)
28  \input{binlinux}  \input{binlinux}

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