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12  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
14  \section{Linux binary installation}  \section{Linux binary installation}
15    \label{sec:binlinux}
17    \esfinley can be installed as a stand-alone bundle, containing all the required dependencies.
18    Alternatively, if we have a package for your distribution you can use the standard tools to install.
19    Please note, however, that the current binary packages do not support \openmp\footnote{This is due to a bug related to gcc 4.3.2.} or \mpi\footnote{Producing packages for \mpi requires knowing something about your computer's configuration.}.
20    If you need these features you may need to compile \esfinley from source (see Sections~\ref{sec:compilesrc} and \ref{sec:compileescriptlinux}.)
22    For more information on using the \filename{escript} command please see the User Guide.
24    If you are using Debian (5.0 - ``Lenny'') or Ubuntu (8.10-``Intrepid Ibex'', 9.04-``Jaunty Jackalope'') then see Section~\ref{sec:debian}.
25    For other Linux distributions refer to Section~\ref{sec:standalonelinux}
27    \subsection{Debian 5.0(``Lenny''), Ubuntu 8.10(``Intrepid Ibex'') or 9.04(``Jaunty Jakalope'')}\label{sec:debian}
29    Download the \filename{escript.deb} file.
30    (At the time of writing we only produce deb's for the i386 architecture.)
31    Execute the following commands as root (you need to be in the directory containing the file).
32    \begin{shellCode}
33     dpkg --unpack escript.deb
34     aptitude install escript
35    \end{shellCode}
37    If you use sudo (for example on Ubuntu) this would be:
38    \begin{shellCode}
39    sudo dpkg --unpack escript.deb
40    sudo aptitude install escript
41    \end{shellCode}
43    This should install \esfinley and its dependencies on your system.
44    Please notify the development team if something goes wrong.
47    \subsection{Stand-alone bundle}\label{sec:standalonelinux}
49    Download the bundle and decompress it.
50    \begin{shellCode}
51    tar -xjf escript.tar.bz2
52    \end{shellCode}
53    This will produce a directory called \filename{stand}.
54    You can rename or move it as is convienient to you.
55    Test your installation by running:
56    \begin{shellCode}
57     stand/escript.d/bin/escript
58    \end{shellCode}
59    You should get a normal python shell.
60    If you wish to save on typing you can add \filename{x/escript.d/bin} to your PATH variable (where x is the absolute path to your install).

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