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# Line 290  domain. Line 290  domain.
290  \end{classdesc}  \end{classdesc}
292  \subsection{Synthetic Data}  \subsection{Synthetic Data}
293    As a special case the \module{esys.downunder.datasources} module contains
294    classes to generate input data for inversions by solving a forward model with
295    user-defined reference data.
296    The main purpose of using synthetic data is to test the capabilities of the
297    inversion module or for tracking down problems.
299    The base class for synthetic data which is derived from \class{DataSource}
300    has the following interface:
302    \begin{classdesc}{SyntheticDataBase}{datatype%
303    \optional{, DIM=2}
304    \optional{, number_of_elements=10}
305    \optional{, length=1*U.km}
306    \optional{, B_b=\None}
307    \optional{, data_offset=0}
308    \optional{, full_knowledge=\False}
309    \optional{, spherical=\False}}
310    Base class to define reference data based on a given property distribution
311    (density or susceptibility). Data are collected from a square region of
312    vertical extent \member{length} on a grid with \member{number_of_elements}
313    cells in each direction.
314    The synthetic data are constructed by solving the appropriate forward problem.
315    Data can be sampled with an offset from the surface at $z=0$ or using the
316    entire subsurface region.
317    \end{classdesc}
319    \begin{methoddesc}[SyntheticDataBase]{getReferenceProperty}{
320    \optional{domain=\None}}
321    Returns the reference \Data object that was used to generate the gravity or
322    susceptibility anomaly data. The \member{domain} argument must be present
323    when this method is called for the first time but not necessarily in
324    subsequent calls.
325    \end{methoddesc}

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