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Added a caution to be sure to set OMP_NUM_THREADS,
if unset you will get too many threads.

Also fixed a few spelling mistakes.

1 % $Id$
2 %
3 % Copyright © 2006 by ACcESS MNRF
4 % \url{http://www.access.edu.au
5 % Primary Business: Queensland, Australia.
6 % Licensed under the Open Software License version 3.0
7 % http://www.opensource.org/licenses/osl-3.0.php
8 %
9 \chapter{Installation}
10 \label{INSTALL}
12 Visit \url{http://iservo.edu.au/twiki/bin/view/ESSCC/EsysUser} for more information.
14 \section{Software needed for installation}
16 \begin{itemize}
17 \item scons 0.96.91 or newer, see \url{http://www.scons.org/}
18 \item python 2.3.4 or higher, see \url{http://www.python.org/}
19 \item numarray 0.9 or higher, see \url{http://www.stsci.edu/resources/software_hardware/numarray}
20 \item python boost boost 1.31.0 or higher (build system defaults to boost 1.33.0), see \url{http://www.boost.org/}
21 \item g++, see \url{http://gcc.gnu.org/}, or intel c++ compiler, see \\
22 \url{http://www.intel.com/cd/software/products/asmo-na/eng/compilers/}.
23 \end{itemize}
25 \subsection{optional Libraries}
26 These libraries are optional at compile time. By default, thay are switched off.
27 \begin{itemize}
28 \item parallel direct solver from the SGI SCSL library, see \url{http://www.sgi.com/products/software/scsl.html}
29 \item parallel direct solver from intel MKL library (delivered with intel compilers), see \url{http://www.intel.com/cd/software/products/asmo-na/eng/perflib/mkl/}.
30 \end{itemize}
32 \subsection{optional Software}
34 \begin{itemize}
35 \item off-line visualization:
36 \begin{itemize}
37 \item mayavi, see \url{http://mayavi.sourceforge.net/}.
38 \item opendx, see \url{http://www.opendx.org/}
39 \end{itemize}
40 \item on-line visualization with pyvisi:
41 \begin{itemize}
42 \item vtk 4.2.1 or newer with with python interface, see \url{http://public.kitware.com/VTK/}
43 \item gnuplot with with python interface, see \url{http://www.gnuplot.info/}
44 \item povray, see \url{http://www.povray.org/}.
45 \end{itemize}
46 \end{itemize}
48 \section{Get the source code}
50 You can download the source code, examples and, if required, release tests from \url{http://shake200.esscc.uq.edu.au/joomla/content/view/78//}.
51 Files can be downloaded as *.zip or *.tar.gz files.
52 Usage is under the Open Software License version 3.0, see \url{http://www.opensource.org/licenses/osl-3.0.php}.
54 \subsection{Unpack zip file}
55 Use the commands
57 \begin{verbatim}
58 mkdir <my esys dir>
59 mv escript*.zip <my esys dir>
60 cd <my esys dir>
61 unzip escript*.zip
62 \end{verbatim}
64 to unzip the source files into the directory \verb|<my esys dir>|.
66 \subsection{Unpack tar file}
68 Use the commands
70 \begin{verbatim}
71 mkdir <my esys dir>
72 mv escriot*.tar.gz <my esys dir>
73 cd <my esys dir>
74 tar xzf escript*.tar.gz
75 \end{verbatim}
77 to unpack the source files into the directory \verb|<my esys dir>|.
79 \section{Installation}
81 The installation is started by
82 \begin{verbatim}
83 cd <my esys dir>
84 scons dodebug=no
85 \end{verbatim}
86 By default the configuration for Linux is used. If there is a file \verb|scons/<hostname>_options.py| where is \verb|hostname| is the name of the machine the installation is running (non-literal or non-numerical charcters are replaed by underscore) options is this file are overwrite the default setting. Use =scons/ess_options.py= as a staring point to create a file for your machine. If you want to use personalied setting in the file myoptions.py you can run
87 \begin{verbatim}
88 cd <my esys dir>
89 scons dodebug=no options_file=myoptions.py
90 \end{verbatim}
91 You can also over-ride individual setting through the command line. e.g.
92 \begin{verbatim}
93 cd <my esys dir>
94 scons dodebug=no libinstall=/usr/lib
95 \end{verbatim}
96 will install the libraries into the directory \verb|/usr/lib|.
98 Get help on options with the following command
99 \begin{verbatim}
100 cd <my esys dir>
101 scons -h
102 \end{verbatim}
103 To uninstall use
104 \begin{verbatim}
105 cd <my esys dir>
106 scons -c
107 \end{verbatim}
109 If you have more than one processor available for compilation you can use the -j option to tell scons to do parallel compiles:
110 \begin{verbatim}
111 cd <my esys dir>
112 scons dodebug=no -j 8
113 \end{verbatim}
114 \section{Running Release Tests}
115 To test your installation you have to download and unpack the release tests. You can run the tests by
116 \begin{verbatim}
117 cd <my esys dir>
118 scons dodebug=no all_tests
119 \end{verbatim}
120 The tests can take a while (up to several hours). In some cases it can be sufficient to run the test for the C/C++ components only. Use
121 \begin{verbatim}
122 cd <my esys dir>
123 scons dodebug=no run_tests
124 \end{verbatim}
125 to run these tests.
126 It can be usefull to run the tests in the debug mode:
127 \begin{verbatim}
128 cd <my esys dir>
129 scons dodebug=yes run_tests
130 \end{verbatim}
131 Keep in mind that this will rebuild the libraries in the debug mode. You have to rebuild the libraries with option =dodebug=no= to get back to a productive installation.
134 \section{Environment setup}
135 To make esys accessible from python you have to set
136 \begin{verbatim}
137 export PYTHONPATH=<my esys dir>:${PYTHONPATH}
138 export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<my esys dir>/lib:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}
139 \end{verbatim}
140 Currently an installation into the python site-packages directory is not supported.
142 If you want to check your setup and you have download the examples you can run
143 \begin{verbatim}
144 cd <my esys dir>/doc/examples
145 python poisson.py
146 \end{verbatim}
148 \subsection{OpenMP support}
150 If your system and compiler support OpenMP parallelization and OpenMP parallelization has been switched on during compilation, you need to set the following environment variable to run scripts in parallel (in this case with four threads):
151 \begin{verbatim}
152 export OMP_NUM_THREADS=4
153 cd <my esys dir>/doc/examples
154 python poisson.py
155 \end{verbatim}
157 If you do not set OMP_NUM_THREADS you will get one thread for each processor on the system, even though you probably will not use that many processors. Be sure to always set OMP_NUM_THREADS before running the program on a system where OpenMP is enabled.
159 \section{Getting help}
160 If there is a problem or question please contact \url{mailto:esys@esscc.uq.edu.au}.


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