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14  \section{Changes from previous releases}  \section{Changes from previous releases}
15  \label{app:changes}  \label{app:changes}
17    \subsection*{3.0 to 3.1}
18    \begin{itemize}
19    \item{The \emph{escript} launcher has been renamed to \emph{run-escript} the old-name will still work in this version
20    but will be removed in future.}
21    \item Lazy evaluation features have been improved and documented (See Section~\ref{sec:lazy}).
22     \item Escript documentation includes a new Cookbook which demonstrates how to solve sample problems using escript.
23    \item Macro elements have been introduced.
24    \item The saveDataCSV method allows one or more Data objects to be exported in CSV format.
25    \item Data objects can be populated by interpolating from a values in a table.
26    \item The new getInfLocator and getSupLocator functions in esys.escript.pdetools return Locators to a minimal/maximal point over the data.
27    \item There is a new class to model fault systems (esys.escript.faultsystems.FaultSystem).
28    \item A beta version of an Algebraic Multigrid (AMG) solver is included.
29    \item Inverting square matricies larger than 3x3 is now permitted if escript is compiled with Lapack support.
30    \item If escript is compiled with a modern compiler, then inf/sup/Lsup will now report NaN, +/-inf as appropriate if those values appear in the data.
31    \item Data.setTags will take tag names as well as tag numbers.
32    \item The Scalar, Vector, Tensor, Tensor3, Tensor4 factory methods can now take array/nested sequence like objects as their initial values.
33    \item escript.util.mkDir can now take a list of directories to create.
34    \item Behind the scenes, python docstrings have been rewritten from epydoc to restructured text.
35    \item Various other bug fixes and performance tweaks.
36    \end{itemize}
39  \subsection*{2.0 to 3.0}  \subsection*{2.0 to 3.0}
40  \begin{itemize}  \begin{itemize}
41  \item The major change here was replacing \module{numarray} with \numpy.  \item The major change here was replacing \module{numarray} with \numpy.

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