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14  \section{Changes from previous releases}  \section{Changes from previous releases}
15  \label{app:changes}  \label{app:changes}
17  %\subsection*{3.1 to 3.2}  \subsection*{3.1 to 3.2}
18    \begin{itemize}
19    \item The deprecated name for the launcher has been removed. To run scripts use \emph{run-escript} not \emph{escript}.
20    \item \module{esys.escript} is no longer automatically imported by importing \module{esys.finley}. You will need to import escript explicitly.
21    (All of our example scripts do this anyway.)
22    \item An experimental version of the new Dudley domain is now available.
23    \item Various bug fixes and optimisations.
24    \item New algorithms for gmsh support.
25    \item Improvements to the AMG solver.
26    \item Fixed compilation issues using netcdf.
27    \item Redesigned configuration files to make it easier to compile from source without finding the locations of all your libraries.
28    \item Expanded version of the escript cookbook.
29    \item Faster rendering of documentation.
30    \item Documentation is now hyperlinked.
31    \item New data export and checkpointing with the Weipa module.
32    \end{itemize}
34  \subsection*{3.0 to 3.1}  \subsection*{3.0 to 3.1}
35  \begin{itemize}  \begin{itemize}

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