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16  \chapter{Changes from previous releases}  \chapter{Changes from previous releases}
17  \label{app:changes}  \label{app:changes}
19    \subsection*{5.5}
20    \begin{itemize}
21    \item New classes for Magnetic, Gravity, 2DMT, Seismic (frequency domain). See doc/examples for documentation.
22    \item Extended escript support for numpy with several new functions (getNumpyX, convertToNumpy).
23    \item The getX function now works on Data objects.
24    \item Finley, Ripley and Speckley now allow integration over Dirac Delta Data objects.
25    \item Finley and Dudley now allow users to interpolate from Reduced Function Data to Function Data.
26    \item Added complex version of Scalar, Vector and Tensor objects (ComplexScalar, ComplexVector, ComplexTensor).
27    \item Added a new function, ComplexData, that returns a Complex Data object.
28    \item Speckley has a new assembler that allows a user to assembled a lumped matrix with complex values.
29    \item Lumping is now the default setting when solving PDEs using Speckley.
30    \item Added support for Gmsh MSH4.1 files in Finley readGmsh.
31    \item The Finley readGmsh function is now much faster.
32    \item Added several functions to aid plotting Data objects in Jupyter notebooks.
33    \item Added support for Trilinos 12.12.
34    \item Added Trilinos section to the userguide.
35    \item Added Scons options files for Python 3 builds.
36    \item The Install guide now lists the Python 3 versions of packages.
37    \item More complete API.
38    \item Bug fixes.
39    \end{itemize}
41  \subsection*{5.4}  \subsection*{5.4}
42  \begin{itemize}  \begin{itemize}
43  \item New deployment options: Flatpak, Docker, Anaconda (Linux)  \item New deployment options: Flatpak, Docker, Anaconda (Linux)

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