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revision 4285 by jfenwick, Tue Jan 22 09:30:23 2013 UTC revision 4286 by caltinay, Thu Mar 7 04:28:11 2013 UTC
# Line 987  direct interpolation in \AMG, see \cite{ Line 987  direct interpolation in \AMG, see \cite{
987  classic interpolation in \AMG, see \cite{AMG}  classic interpolation in \AMG, see \cite{AMG}
988  \end{memberdesc}  \end{memberdesc}
989  \begin{memberdesc}[SolverOptions]{CLASSIC_INTERPOLATION_WITH_FF_COUPLING}  \begin{memberdesc}[SolverOptions]{CLASSIC_INTERPOLATION_WITH_FF_COUPLING}
990  classic interpolation with enforeced FF coupling in \AMG, see \cite{AMG}  classic interpolation with enforced FF coupling in \AMG, see \cite{AMG}
991  \end{memberdesc}  \end{memberdesc}
993  \input{lumping}  \input{lumping}

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