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fault system add. There is still an example for the usage missing.
1 gross 2647 \section{Slip on a Fault}
2     \label{Slip CHAP}
4     In this next example we want to calculate the displacement field $u\hackscore{i}$ for any time $t>0$ by solving the wave equation:
5     \index{wave equation}
6     \begin{eqnarray}\label{WAVE general problem}
7     \rho u\hackscore{i,tt} - \sigma\hackscore{ij,j}=0
8     \end{eqnarray}
9     in a three dimensional block of length $L$ in $x\hackscore{0}$
10     and $x\hackscore{1}$ direction and height $H$
11     in $x\hackscore{2}$ direction. $\rho$ is the known density which may be a function of its location.
12     $\sigma\hackscore{ij}$ is the stress field \index{stress} which in case of an isotropic, linear elastic material is given by
13     \begin{eqnarray} \label{WAVE stress}
14     \sigma\hackscore{ij} & = & \lambda u\hackscore{k,k} \delta\hackscore{ij} + \mu ( u\hackscore{i,j} + u\hackscore{j,i})
15     \end{eqnarray}
16     where $\lambda$ and $\mu$ are the Lame coefficients
17     \index{Lame coefficients} and $\delta\hackscore{ij}$ denotes the Kronecker symbol\index{Kronecker symbol}.
18     On the boundary the normal stress is given by
19     \begin{eqnarray} \label{WAVE natural}
20     \sigma\hackscore{ij}n\hackscore{j}=0
21     \end{eqnarray}
22     for all time $t>0$.

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