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Thu Feb 14 06:40:01 2013 UTC (6 years, 10 months ago) by caltinay
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Error occurred while calculating annotation data.
DomainBuilder now ensures all data is in same UTM zone (with test).

2  longitude000latitude license0 Free to use0title000 custom_data0summary0Bouguer gravity anomaly dataMetadata_Conventions.CF-1.0, COARDS, Unidata Dataset Discovery v1.000 Conventions0.CF-1.0, COARDS, Unidata Dataset Discovery v1.000history0&14-02-2013 created using python script00  longitude000 units000 degrees_east long_name000 Longitude000 latitude units000
3 degrees_north000 long_name000Latitude8error000 
4 missing_value000ÿÿØñHPdata  long_name000Bouguer_anomaly0
5 missing_value000ÿÿØñH˜@`Ffffff@`H@`I™™™™™À=™™™™šÀ=&ffffgÀ=333333@@@@@@@@@?ÔbÞ"%6@7}†ÒajÀ&m6ÀsŠ°ÀŽ ¯¬¥ÀCí´¤¸àÀG´þ)®]_ÀD»û¤iB@0ÅPTWbÀ'¯ºçnœ


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