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revision 727 by gross, Thu Mar 23 10:55:31 2006 UTC revision 728 by gross, Mon May 15 02:01:18 2006 UTC
# Line 734  class Simulation(Model): Line 734  class Simulation(Model):
734      Sets the i-th model.      Sets the i-th model.
735      """      """
736          if not isinstance(value,Model):          if not isinstance(value,Model):
737              raise ValueError("assigned value is not a Model, Model was:", i, " an instance of: ", value.__class__.__name__)              raise ValueError,"assigned value is not a Model but instance of %s"%(value.__class__.__name__,)
738          for j in range(max(i-len(self.__models)+1,0)):          for j in range(max(i-len(self.__models)+1,0)):
739              self.__models.append(None)              self.__models.append(None)
740          self.__models[i]=value          self.__models[i]=value

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