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revision 3343 by gross, Mon Oct 18 22:39:28 2010 UTC revision 3344 by caltinay, Thu Nov 11 23:26:52 2010 UTC
# Line 146  def saveDataCSV(filename, append=False, Line 146  def saveDataCSV(filename, append=False,
147  def saveVTK(filename,domain=None, metadata=None, metadata_schema=None, **data):  def saveVTK(filename,domain=None, metadata=None, metadata_schema=None, **data):
148      """      """
149      Writes `Data` objects and their mesh into a file using the VTK XML file      Deprecated. See esys.weipa.saveVTK().
150      format.      """
         saveVTK("solution.vtu", temperature=tmp, velocity=v)  
     ``tmp`` and ``v`` are written into "solution.vtu" where ``tmp`` is named  
     "temperature" and ``v`` is named "velocity".  
     Meta tags, e.g. a timeStamp, can be added to the file, for instance::  
         saveVTK("solution.vtu", temperature=tmp, velocity=v,  
                 metadata_schema={ "gml" : "http://www.opengis.net/gml"})  
152      The argument ``metadata_schema`` allows the definition of name spaces with a schema used in the definition of meta tags.      import warnings
153        msg = "esys.escript.util.saveVTK is deprecated.  Use the esys.weipa module."
154        warnings.warn(msg, DeprecationWarning, stacklevel=2)
156      :param filename: file name of the output file      from esys import weipa
157      :type filename: ``str``      weipa.saveVTK(filename, domain, metadata, metadata_schema, **data)
     :param domain: domain of the `Data` objects. If not specified, the domain  
                    of the given `Data` objects is used.  
     :type domain: `escript.Domain`  
     :keyword <name>: writes the assigned value to the VTK file using <name> as  
     :param metadata: additional XML meta data which are inserted into the VTK file. The meta data are marked by the tag ``<MetaData>``.  
     :type metadata: ``str``  
     :param metadata_schema: assignes schema to namespaces which have been used to define  meta data.  
     :type metadata_schema: ``dict`` with ``metadata_schema[<namespace>]=<URI>`` to assign the scheme ``<URI>`` to the name space ``<namespace>``.  
     :note: The data objects have to be defined on the same domain. They may not  
            be in the same `FunctionSpace` but one cannot expect that all  
            `FunctionSpace` s can be mixed. Typically, data on the boundary and  
            data on the interior cannot be mixed.  
     # create the string if meta data:  
     if not metadata==None:  
     if not metadata_schema==None:  
          for i,p in metadata_schema.items():  
              metadata_shema2="%s xmlns:%s=\"%s\""%(metadata_shema2,i,p)  
     for n,d in data.items():  
           if not d.isEmpty():  
             if fs == escript.Solution(domain2):  
             elif fs == escript.ReducedSolution(domain2):  
             if domain==None: domain=domain2  
     if domain==None:  
         raise ValueError,"saveVTK: no domain detected."  
159  def saveDX(filename,domain=None,**data):  def saveDX(filename,domain=None,**data):
160      """      """

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