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revision 1801 by jfenwick, Wed Sep 17 06:33:18 2008 UTC revision 1802 by jfenwick, Tue Sep 23 01:03:29 2008 UTC
# Line 53  class DataExpanded; Line 53  class DataExpanded;
54  /**  /**
55     \brief     \brief
56     Data creates the appropriate Data object for the given construction     Data represents a collection of datapoints.
58     Description:     Description:
59     Data is essentially a factory class which creates the appropriate Data     Internally, the datapoints are actually stored by a DataAbstract object.
60     object for the given construction arguments. It retains control over     The specific instance of DataAbstract used may vary over the lifetime
61     the object created for the lifetime of the object.     of the Data object.
62     The type of Data object referred to may change during the lifetime of     Some methods on this class return references (eg getShape()).
63     the Data object.     These references should not be used after an operation which changes the underlying DataAbstract object.
64       Doing so will lead to invalid memory access.
65       This should not affect any methods exposed via boost::python.
66  */  */
67  class Data {  class Data {

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