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revision 757 by woo409, Mon Jun 26 13:12:56 2006 UTC revision 854 by gross, Thu Sep 21 05:29:42 2006 UTC
# Line 124  class DataEmpty : public DataAbstract { Line 124  class DataEmpty : public DataAbstract {
124    setSlice(const DataAbstract* value,    setSlice(const DataAbstract* value,
125             const DataArrayView::RegionType& region);             const DataArrayView::RegionType& region);
      Reshape the data point if the data point is currently rank 0.  
      NB: This will throw an exception as obviously an empty Data object contains no  
      data to reshape. An implementation is required by parent DataAbstract class.  
   reshapeDataPoint(const DataArrayView::ShapeType& shape);  
127   protected:   protected:
129   private:   private:

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