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Mon Mar 27 02:43:09 2006 UTC (13 years, 11 months ago) by robwdcock
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This commit contains the new build system with cross-platform support.
Most things work are before though you can have more control.

ENVIRONMENT settings have changed:
+ You no longer require LD_LIBRARY_PATH or PYTHONPATH to point to the
esysroot for building and testing performed via scons
+ ACcESS altix users: It is recommended you change your modules to load
the latest intel compiler and other libraries required by boost to match
the setup in svn (you can override). The correct modules are as follows

module load intel_cc.9.0.026
module load boost/1.33.0/python-2.4.1
module load python/2.4.1
module load numarray/1.3.3

1 #include "escript/DataC.h"
3 /**
4 \brief
5 Compare the result obtained with the C interface to the given value.
6 */
7 int compareTypeCode(struct escriptDataC* data, int typeResult);
8 int compareNumSamples(struct escriptDataC* data, int numDataPointsPerSample, int numSamples);
9 int compareIsExpanded(struct escriptDataC* data, int expanded);
10 int compareIsEmpty(struct escriptDataC* data, int empty);
11 /*int comparePointShape(struct escriptDataC* data, int rank, int* dimensions);*/
12 /*int compareSampleDataWrite(struct escriptDataC* data, int sampleNo, double* sampleData);*/
13 /*int compareSampleDataRead(struct escriptDataC* data, int tag, double* sampleData);*/


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