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revision 654 by robwdcock, Fri Mar 24 07:35:06 2006 UTC revision 659 by robwdcock, Fri Mar 24 08:40:50 2006 UTC
# Line 16  program = local_env.RunPyUnitTest(python Line 16  program = local_env.RunPyUnitTest(python
17  Depends(program, dep_lib)  Depends(program, dep_lib)
18  Depends(program, pyinstall)  Depends(program, pyinstall)
19    Depends(program, libinstall) # FIXME: The python tests require objects from finley hence you have to have all the libraries available rather than just dep_lib
21  #Add Unit Test to target alias  #Add Unit Test to target alias
22  test_targets = [os.path.splitext(x)[0]+'.passed' for x in python_src]  test_targets = [os.path.splitext(x)[0]+'.passed' for x in python_src]

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