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revision 636 by elspeth, Wed Mar 22 01:37:07 2006 UTC revision 637 by gross, Thu Mar 23 10:55:31 2006 UTC
# Line 3  Line 3 
3  basic tests for util.py  basic tests for util.py
5  @remark: use see L{test_util}  @remark: use see L{test_util}
7  @var __author__: name of author  @var __author__: name of author
8    @var __copyright__: copyrights
9  @var __license__: licence agreement  @var __license__: licence agreement
10  @var __url__: url entry point on documentation  @var __url__: url entry point on documentation
11  @var __version__: version  @var __version__: version

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