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data_meshes/  1185  12 years  gross   once again: some changes to get the tests passed on windows.
AdvectivePDETest.py  617  13 years  elspeth   More copyright.
OutTest.py  617  13 years  elspeth   More copyright.
PoissonSolverTest.py  617  13 years  elspeth   More copyright.
RecTest.py  617  13 years  elspeth   More copyright.
SConscript  1133  12 years  gross   Changes needed for windows. This still does not work on and has not run on linux…
SimpleSolve.py  944  12 years  gross   PropertySet added
SolveTest.py  617  13 years  elspeth   More copyright.
advective.py  700  13 years  gross   A few changes in the build mechanism and the file structure so scons can build r…
brick.py  934  12 years  gross   gmsh file reader for finley
debugIntegrate.py  617  13 years  elspeth   More copyright.
debugIntegrate2.py  617  13 years  elspeth   More copyright.
gentest  1072  12 years  gross   PDE assemblage for reduced integration order + tests added.
linearElastic.py  617  13 years  elspeth   More copyright.
pyEnv.test  155  13 years  jgs   move all directories from trunk/esys2 into trunk and remove esys2
rayleigh_taylor_instabilty.py  877  12 years  gross   backtraking in the saddlepoint problem (not perfect yet)
rectangle.py  934  12 years  gross   gmsh file reader for finley
run_escriptOnFinley.py  1185  12 years  gross   once again: some changes to get the tests passed on windows.
run_generators.py  1135  12 years  gross   These are still modifications for windows. The run_generators.py and run_visual…
run_linearPDEsOnFinley.py  1174  12 years  gross   more modifications to the test rquired by the new intergartion schemes
run_utilOnFinley.py  859  13 years  gross   tests for order2 tetrahedron elements added
run_visualization_interface.py  1185  12 years  gross   once again: some changes to get the tests passed on windows.
seismic_wave.py  929  12 years  gross   reverse orientation added but does not work for 2D yet.
slip_stress.py  1178  12 years  gross   bug in visualization interface test fixed.
slip_stress_mesh_old.py  894  12 years  gross  
slip_stress_old.py  895  12 years  gross   moved to make plave for better version
stokes_problems.py  883  12 years  gross   new example added
testframe.py  1137  12 years  gross   This version passes the tests on windows except for * vtk * netCDF The …


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