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Tue Dec 15 01:19:33 2015 UTC (3 years, 3 months ago) by jfenwick
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bringing changes over from debian for 4.1
The quilt patch series do not make sense at the moment because most of them will already be encorporated 

1 Document: escript-inversion-guide
2 Title: esys.downunder: Inversion with
3 escript
4 Author: Cihan Altinay, Vince Boros, Lutz Gross, Jaco du Plessis,
5 Azadeh Salehi
6 Abstract: Guide to the inversion toolkit in escript
7 Section: Science/Geoscience
9 Format: PDF
10 Files: /usr/share/doc/python-escript-doc/inversion.pdf.gz

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