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revision 2291 by jfenwick, Fri Feb 27 01:53:06 2009 UTC revision 2293 by jfenwick, Fri Feb 27 05:34:51 2009 UTC
# Line 46  cp $SRCDIR/doc/manpage/$WRAPPERNAME.1 $O Line 46  cp $SRCDIR/doc/manpage/$WRAPPERNAME.1 $O
46  mkdir -p $LIBOUT/lib  mkdir -p $LIBOUT/lib
47  mkdir -p $BINOUT  mkdir -p $BINOUT
48  #Should be using install here?  #Should be using install here?
49  cp $SRCDIR/lib/* $LIBOUT/lib  cp $SRCDIR/lib/libescript.so $SRCDIR/lib/libfinley.so $LIBOUT/lib
50  cp -r $SRCDIR/esys $LIBOUT  cp -r $SRCDIR/esys $LIBOUT
52  # content from finley_wrapper_writer.sh  # content from finley_wrapper_writer.sh

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