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Mon Mar 2 03:44:27 2009 UTC (12 years, 9 months ago) by jfenwick
File size: 321 byte(s)
Added instructions on how to install debian package to the install guide.
Wrapper script generation now produces two scripts (escript and finleypython).
The two are identical - eventually we will remove finleypython.

Modified the wrapper script so it will print a message and start the python interpreter if you don't specify a script.
1 Package: escript
2 Version: ~2.0-1
3 Description: Escript/Finley finite elements python system.
4 TODO: Lutz, more detailed description please.
5 Maintainer: Escript team <esys@esscc.uq.edu.au>
6 Priority: extra
7 Section: main
8 Depends: python2.5, libboost-python1.35.0, python-numarray, libnetcdf4, python-vtk
9 Architecture: i386

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