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revision 600 by gross, Fri Mar 17 05:53:59 2006 UTC revision 605 by gross, Mon Mar 20 07:16:27 2006 UTC
# Line 22  Line 22 
22  Initialisation of the pyvisi base package  Initialisation of the pyvisi base package
23  """  """
 from pyvisi.common import _pyvisiVersion, _pyvisiRevision  
 print "This is PyVisi version %s-%s" % (_pyvisiVersion, _pyvisiRevision)  
25  __author__ = 'Paul Cochrane'  __author__ = 'Paul Cochrane'
 __version__ = _pyvisiVersion  
 __revision__ = _pyvisiRevision  
27  from pyvisi.item import Item  from item import Item
28  from pyvisi.renderer import Renderer  from renderer import Renderer
29  from pyvisi.scene import Scene  from scene import Scene
30  from pyvisi.plot import Plot, \  from plot import Plot, ArrowPlot, ContourPlot, LinePlot, SurfacePlot
31          ArrowPlot, ContourPlot, LinePlot, SurfacePlot  from camera import Camera
32  from pyvisi.camera import Camera  from image import Image, JpegImage, PdfImage, PngImage, PnmImage, TiffImage
33  from pyvisi.image import Image, \  from text import Text
34          JpegImage, PdfImage, PngImage, PnmImage, TiffImage  from axes import Axes
35  from pyvisi.text import Text  from plane import Plane
 from pyvisi.axes import Axes  
 from pyvisi.plane import Plane  
37  # vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4:  # vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4:

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