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revision 945 by jongui, Mon Jan 29 07:22:43 2007 UTC revision 946 by jongui, Wed Jan 31 03:08:04 2007 UTC
# Line 140  class Actor2D: Line 140  class Actor2D:
140          return self._vtk_actor2D          return self._vtk_actor2D
 class TextActor(Actor2D):  
     Class that defines a 2D text actor.  
     def __init__(self, text):  
         Initialise the 2D text actor.  
         @type text: String  
         @param text: 2D text to be displayed  
         self.__text = text  
         self._vtk_actor2D = vtk.vtkTextActor()  
     def __setInput(self):  
         Set the 2D text to be displayed.  
     def setFontSize(self, size):  
         Set the 2D text size.  
         @type size: Number  
         @param size: Size of the 2D text  
     def setFontToTimes(self):  
         Set the 2D text font type to times new roman.  
     def setFontToArial(self):  
         Set the 2D text font type to arial.  
     def setFontToCourier(self):  
         Set the 2D text front type to courier.  
     def setJustificationToCenter(self):  
         Set the 2D text to center justification.  
     def setJustificationToLeft(self):  
         Set the 2D text to left justification.  
     def setJustificationToRight(self):  
         Set the 2D text to right justification.  
     def boldOn(self):  
         Bold the 2D text.  
     def shadowOn(self):  
         Apply shadow onto the 2D text to ease visibility.  
     def setColor(self, color):  
         Set the color of the text.  
         @type color: L{Color <constant.Color>} constant  
         @param color: 2D text color  

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