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revision 845 by gross, Fri Jul 28 10:37:16 2006 UTC revision 846 by jongui, Mon Sep 11 07:40:09 2006 UTC
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 Classes defining properties of a text  
 @var __author__: name of author  
 @var __license__: licence agreement  
 @var __copyright__: copyrights  
 @var __url__: url entry point on documentation  
 @var __version__: version  
 @var __date__: date of the version  
 __copyright__="""  Copyright (c) 2006 by ACcESS MNRF  
                 Primary Business: Queensland, Australia"""  
 __license__="""Licensed under the Open Software License version 3.0  
 __author__="Paul Cochrane, L. Gross"  
 def TextProperty(object):  
   properties of a text in a scene  

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