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revision 1037 by jongui, Fri Mar 16 05:00:32 2007 UTC revision 1093 by jongui, Sun Apr 15 23:58:53 2007 UTC
# Line 7  import vtk Line 7  import vtk
7  class Transform:  class Transform:
8      """      """
9      Class that defines the orientation of planes.      Class that defines the orientation of planes.
11        @attention: There is a difference between performing rotation first
12        followed by translation, and performing translation first followed
13        by rotation.
15        @attention: VTK's coordinate system and translation is NOT 100% accurate.
16        Consequently, performing maximum rotation and translation can potentially
17        yield incorrect results. For instance, rotating a XY plane along the x-axis
18        90 degrees may NOT produce any results (as it is possible that the XY
19        plane has just fallen outside the visible range). However, rotating the
20        XY plane 89.9 degrees instead should produce the correct resutls.
21      """      """
23      def __init__(self):      def __init__(self):

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