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Restore the trunk that existed before the windows changes were committed to the (now moved to branches) old trunk.
1 jongui 1201 ****************************************************************************
2     ** Pyvisi Notes **
3     ** **
4     ** Last Updated: 21 June 2007 **
5     ****************************************************************************
8     - Two DataCollector instances needs to be created when two active scalars
9     are read from the same file.
11     - setScalarRange() and generateCotours() must be supplied with the same range
12     in order for the colors to turn out correctly when contouring is performed.
14     - setPlaneToXY(), setPlaneToXZ() or setPlaneToYZ() needs to be executed
15     whenever a plane cut is performed before a plane can be rendered correctly.
17     - If a surface map and legend is created, both must have the the same scalar
18     range. For instance, if the surface map's scalar range is set between 2 and
19     4, the same must apply to the scalar bar's scalar range. Otherwise, the
20     colors of the scalar bar and surface map will not be sync.
22     - Movie will create a temporary file called 'make_movie' and will delete it
23     once the movie has been generated if no parameter file name was specified.
25     - To modify the parameter_file (i.e. change frames/second or codec), one needs
26     to save the parameter file (by supplying a name when creating the movie
27     instance) and run it manually using the 'ppmtompeg' command.
29     - Movies cannot be generated from post script (.ps) files.
31     - .iv (open inventor) and .wrl (VRML) files does not support multiple
32     viewports.
34     - .iv files do suffer from some lighting problems when generated by VTK.
36     - On occasions, an inaccurate object may be rendered from cell data
37     even after conversion. As such, it may be a good idea to use escript
38     interpolation to get the node data.

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