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Mon Dec 12 01:57:07 2005 UTC (17 years, 2 months ago) by cochrane
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Initial merge of pyvisi into esys repository.
1 <!-- $Id: todo_body.part,v 1.17 2005/06/24 00:30:40 paultcochrane Exp $ -->
2 <h1>Todo list</h1>
3 <hr class="top" />
5 <h2>Todo items</h2>
6 <table class="todo">
7 <tr>
8 <th class="description">Task description</th>
9 <th class="dateAdded">Date added</th>
10 <th class="priority">Priority</th>
11 </tr>
12 <tr class="veryhigh">
13 <td class="description">Reimplement evaluation stack way of running low level code to more robust model</td>
14 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-19</td>
15 <td class="priority">veryhigh</td>
16 </tr>
17 <tr class="veryhigh">
18 <td class="description">Work out how to find out the dimensions of an image in vtk</td>
19 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-19</td>
20 <td class="priority">veryhigh</td>
21 </tr>
22 <tr class="veryhigh">
23 <td class="description">Implement render object talking directly to a python interpreter instance sitting in a separate thread</td>
24 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-19</td>
25 <td class="priority">veryhigh</td>
26 </tr>
27 <tr class="veryhigh">
28 <td class="description">Investigate threading in python and how communication works between processes</td>
29 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-19</td>
30 <td class="priority">veryhigh</td>
31 </tr>
32 <tr class="high">
33 <td class="description">Load vtk unstructured mesh</td>
34 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-19</td>
35 <td class="priority">high</td>
36 </tr>
37 <tr class="high">
38 <td class="description">convert numarrays to vtk structuredData objects</td>
39 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-19</td>
40 <td class="priority">high</td>
41 </tr>
42 <tr class="high">
43 <td class="description">Fully implement linestyles in renderers.gnuplot</td>
44 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-21</td>
45 <td class="priority">high</td>
46 </tr>
47 <tr class="high">
48 <td class="description">Fully implement linestyles in renderers.vtk</td>
49 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-21</td>
50 <td class="priority">high</td>
51 </tr>
52 <tr class="high">
53 <td class="description">View vtk structured and unstructured meshes</td>
54 <td class="dateAdded">2005-02-24</td>
55 <td class="priority">high</td>
56 </tr>
57 <tr class="medium">
58 <td class="description">Write up student project description</td>
59 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-19</td>
60 <td class="priority">medium</td>
61 </tr>
62 <tr class="medium">
63 <td class="description">Convert escript Data objects into relevant vtk objects</td>
64 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-19</td>
65 <td class="priority">medium</td>
66 </tr>
67 <tr class="medium">
68 <td class="description">Need a log output file for user- and developer- debugging information.</td>
69 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-21</td>
70 <td class="priority">medium</td>
71 </tr>
72 <tr class="medium">
73 <td class="description">At present, can only have one kind of linestyle per graph. We need a way to specify different linestyles for each individual line on a multi-line graph if desired.</td>
74 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-24</td>
75 <td class="priority">medium</td>
76 </tr>
77 <tr class="medium">
78 <td class="description">Need to keep a count of the number of a given type of object exists within a scene so that can have many of the same type of object in a scene (stops overwriting objects in autogenerated code).</td>
79 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-27</td>
80 <td class="priority">medium</td>
81 </tr>
82 <tr class="medium">
83 <td class="description">Need to add a delete object method so can remove objects from a Scene if desired</td>
84 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-27</td>
85 <td class="priority">medium</td>
86 </tr>
87 <tr class="medium">
88 <td class="description">Add options dictionaries to objects, so that things like xlabel, ylabel etc can be set at object instantiation time.</td>
89 <td class="dateAdded">2005-02-24</td>
90 <td class="priority">medium</td>
91 </tr>
92 <tr class="medium">
93 <td class="description">Start writing docs for the api so that other developers can contribute more easily</td>
94 <td class="dateAdded">2005-02-24</td>
95 <td class="priority">medium</td>
96 </tr>
97 <tr class="low">
98 <td class="description">work out conceptual differences between a mesh plot (in matlab sense) and a mesh in a mesh generator sense</td>
99 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-19</td>
100 <td class="priority">low</td>
101 </tr>
102 <tr class="low">
103 <td class="description">work out concept of line data for fault systems; is it a LinePlot or what is it?</td>
104 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-19</td>
105 <td class="priority">low</td>
106 </tr>
107 <tr class="low">
108 <td class="description">Get BallPlots working in povray</td>
109 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-21</td>
110 <td class="priority">low</td>
111 </tr>
112 <tr class="low">
113 <td class="description">View a 3D vector field as an Arrow Plot</td>
114 <td class="dateAdded">2005-02-24</td>
115 <td class="priority">low</td>
116 </tr>
117 <tr class="verylow">
118 <td class="description">Will need sections in the manual for the docs about each renderer module, or possibly each module supplies their own.</td>
119 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-12</td>
120 <td class="priority">verylow</td>
121 </tr>
122 </table>
124 <h2>Completed todo items</h2>
125 <table class="todo">
126 <tr>
127 <th class="description">Task description</th>
128 <th class="dateAdded">Date added</th>
129 <th class="dateCompleted">Date completed</th>
130 <th class="comment">Comment</th>
131 </tr>
132 <tr class="done">
133 <td class="description">Get saving to file without rendering to screen working in vtk</td>
134 <td class="dateAdded">2005-03-02</td>
135 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-03-07</td>
136 <td class="comment">done</td>
137 </tr>
138 <tr class="done">
139 <td class="description">View vtk structured and unstructured meshes</td>
140 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-19</td>
141 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-02-24</td>
142 <td class="comment">working in gnuplot</td>
143 </tr>
144 <tr class="done">
145 <td class="description">View a contour plot similar to contour() of Matlab</td>
146 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-19</td>
147 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-02-24</td>
148 <td class="comment">done in gnuplot</td>
149 </tr>
150 <tr class="done">
151 <td class="description">use a numarray to generate an x-y line plot</td>
152 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-19</td>
153 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-01-24</td>
154 <td class="comment">completed, but with a Numeric python object. Should work at present with either.</td>
155 </tr>
156 <tr class="done">
157 <td class="description">Get shaded contour plots working</td>
158 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-24</td>
159 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-02-24</td>
160 <td class="comment">working in gnuplot</td>
161 </tr>
162 <tr class="done">
163 <td class="description">Get installation process working so that when pyvisi actually has features users can install it easily</td>
164 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-10</td>
165 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-02-24</td>
166 <td class="comment">doen</td>
167 </tr>
168 <tr class="done">
169 <td class="description">Migrate all vtk specific code into renders.vtk</td>
170 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-10</td>
171 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-01-11</td>
172 <td class="comment">completed</td>
173 </tr>
174 <tr class="done">
175 <td class="description">As part of removing the vtk specific code out of the main part of pyvisi, replace the code that is there with objects to be overridden by the specific renderer</td>
176 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-10</td>
177 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-01-12</td>
178 <td class="comment">added warnings if base method is called and not overridden</td>
179 </tr>
180 <tr class="done">
181 <td class="description">Make a devel branch of pyvisi (once is ready to do a pre-pre-pre alpha release)</td>
182 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-11</td>
183 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-01-24</td>
184 <td class="comment">mostly done</td>
185 </tr>
186 <tr class="done">
187 <td class="description">Add a Development link to the web site and start putting stuff like renderers used, how to add a new renderer, what to inherit, structure renderer module should have and other coding guidelines</td>
188 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-11</td>
189 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-01-11</td>
190 <td class="comment">started, will be expanded over time</td>
191 </tr>
192 <tr class="done">
193 <td class="description">Add proper write() methods so that can actually output scenes to file</td>
194 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-21</td>
195 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-01-24</td>
196 <td class="comment">done, implemented as save() at present</td>
197 </tr>
198 <tr class="done">
199 <td class="description">Add a single curve, single data example, and implement. Single data meaning that the x data is just the indices of the y data given.</td>
200 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-24</td>
201 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-01-24</td>
202 <td class="comment">completed</td>
203 </tr>
204 <tr class="done">
205 <td class="description">Release pyvisi-0.1-pre-alpha2</td>
206 <td class="dateAdded">2005-03-02</td>
207 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-03-08</td>
208 <td class="comment">done</td>
209 </tr>
210 <tr class="done">
211 <td class="description">Move project to sourceforge</td>
212 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-19</td>
213 <td class="dateCompleted">2004-11-26</td>
214 <td class="comment">done</td>
215 </tr>
216 <tr class="done">
217 <td class="description">Implement add()-ing objects to a scene without them being rendered or added directly at instantiation</td>
218 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-19</td>
219 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-01-31</td>
220 <td class="comment">not much point - more intuitive at the user level to just instantiate the object</td>
221 </tr>
222 <tr class="done">
223 <td class="description">use a numarray to generate a mesh plot</td>
224 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-19</td>
225 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-03-08</td>
226 <td class="comment">done in gnuplot</td>
227 </tr>
228 <tr class="done">
229 <td class="description">use a numarray to generate a surf plot</td>
230 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-19</td>
231 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-02-24</td>
232 <td class="comment">working in gnuplot</td>
233 </tr>
234 <tr class="done">
235 <td class="description">work out how to cope with axes in 2D and 3D</td>
236 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-19</td>
237 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-01-12</td>
238 <td class="comment">started</td>
239 </tr>
240 <tr class="done">
241 <td class="description">Start writing docs for the api so that other developers can contribute more easily</td>
242 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-10</td>
243 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-02-24</td>
244 <td class="comment">in progress</td>
245 </tr>
246 <tr class="done">
247 <td class="description">Start to define the objects and methods that all renderers should override or at least give an error message or warning that that renderer doesn't support that method/object</td>
248 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-10</td>
249 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-01-12</td>
250 <td class="comment">implemented</td>
251 </tr>
252 <tr class="done">
253 <td class="description">Might need some kind of renderer module templating system for developers to work from.</td>
254 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-11</td>
255 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-02-24</td>
256 <td class="comment">done; see skel_module.py in admin directory</td>
257 </tr>
258 <tr class="done">
259 <td class="description">Start writing a manual, and add objects that are already supported.</td>
260 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-12</td>
261 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-01-12</td>
262 <td class="comment">started</td>
263 </tr>
264 <tr class="done">
265 <td class="description">Add linestyles ability to LinePlots with words from gnuplot, and with symbols from matlab</td>
266 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-19</td>
267 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-01-24</td>
268 <td class="comment">done</td>
269 </tr>
270 <tr class="done">
271 <td class="description">Move new method and class definitions from developing renderer modules into the base classes as they get added. This is so that the interface that new renderer module writers should be writing to override, or at least meet, is in place.</td>
272 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-21</td>
273 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-02-24</td>
274 <td class="comment">done</td>
275 </tr>
276 <tr class="done">
277 <td class="description">Add offsets settings for LinePlots so Dion can do seismic stuff</td>
278 <td class="dateAdded">2005-03-08</td>
279 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-03-22</td>
280 <td class="comment">done in vtk and gnuplot</td>
281 </tr>
282 <tr class="done">
283 <td class="description">View a 2D vector field as an Arrow Plot</td>
284 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-19</td>
285 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-03-07</td>
286 <td class="comment">done in gnuplot</td>
287 </tr>
288 <tr class="done">
289 <td class="description">View a 3D vector field as an Arrow Plot</td>
290 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-19</td>
291 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-02-24</td>
292 <td class="comment">working in gnuplot</td>
293 </tr>
294 <tr class="done">
295 <td class="description">View a 3D surface plot similar to surf() of Matlab</td>
296 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-19</td>
297 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-02-24</td>
298 <td class="comment">done in gnuplot</td>
299 </tr>
300 <tr class="done">
301 <td class="description">Get BallPlots working in vtk</td>
302 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-21</td>
303 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-04-19</td>
304 <td class="comment">basic implementation done</td>
305 </tr>
306 <tr class="done">
307 <td class="description">Once BallPlots are working in vtk, add renderers.povray and flesh out with base objects and files etc.</td>
308 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-21</td>
309 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-01-25</td>
310 <td class="comment">povray structure already present.</td>
311 </tr>
312 <tr class="done">
313 <td class="description">Try and get a simple gnuplot plot working using renderers.gnuplot</td>
314 <td class="dateAdded">2005-01-10</td>
315 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-01-19</td>
316 <td class="comment">done</td>
317 </tr>
318 <tr class="done">
319 <td class="description">scene.add() could do a _renderer.AddActor(obj) and rest of code just sets up the actor</td>
320 <td class="dateAdded">2004-11-19</td>
321 <td class="dateCompleted">2005-04-19</td>
322 <td class="comment">not implemented that way any more</td>
323 </tr>
324 </table>

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