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revision 4719 by jfenwick, Thu Feb 6 06:12:20 2014 UTC revision 4720 by sshaw, Fri Feb 28 01:38:09 2014 UTC
# Line 35  __author__="Lutz Gross, l.gross@uq.edu.a Line 35  __author__="Lutz Gross, l.gross@uq.edu.a
36  import os  import os
37  import unittest  import unittest
38  from test_linearPDEs import Test_Poisson, Test_LinearPDE, Test_TransportPDE  from test_linearPDEs import Test_Poisson, Test_LinearPDE, Test_TransportPDE, Test_LameEquation, Test_Helmholtz, Test_LinearPDE_noLumping
39  from test_assemblage import Test_assemblage_2Do1, Test_assemblage_3Do1  from test_assemblage import Test_assemblage_2Do1, Test_assemblage_3Do1
40  from test_pdetools import Test_pdetools, Test_pdetools_noLumping  from test_pdetools import Test_pdetools, Test_pdetools_noLumping
41  from esys.escript import *  from esys.escript import *
# Line 50  except KeyError: Line 50  except KeyError:
50  NE=10 # number of element in each spatial direction (must be even)  NE=10 # number of element in each spatial direction (must be even)
51  mpiSize=getMPISizeWorld()  mpiSize=getMPISizeWorld()
53  class Test_LinearPDEOnRipleyRect(Test_LinearPDE, Test_pdetools, Test_assemblage_2Do1, Test_TransportPDE):  class Test_LinearPDEOnRipleyRect(Test_LinearPDE, Test_LameEquation, Test_Helmholtz, Test_LinearPDE_noLumping, Test_pdetools, Test_assemblage_2Do1, Test_TransportPDE):
54      RES_TOL=1.e-7      RES_TOL=1.e-7
55      ABS_TOL=1.e-8      ABS_TOL=1.e-8
56      def setUp(self):      def setUp(self):
# Line 64  class Test_LinearPDEOnRipleyRect(Test_Li Line 64  class Test_LinearPDEOnRipleyRect(Test_Li
64      def tearDown(self):      def tearDown(self):
65          del self.domain          del self.domain
67  class Test_LinearPDEOnRipleyBrick(Test_LinearPDE, Test_pdetools, Test_assemblage_3Do1, Test_TransportPDE):  class Test_LinearPDEOnRipleyBrick(Test_LinearPDE, Test_LameEquation, Test_Helmholtz, Test_LinearPDE_noLumping, Test_pdetools, Test_assemblage_3Do1, Test_TransportPDE):
68      RES_TOL=1.e-7      RES_TOL=1.e-7
69      ABS_TOL=1.e-8      ABS_TOL=1.e-8
70      def setUp(self):      def setUp(self):

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