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revision 4657 by jfenwick, Thu Feb 6 06:12:20 2014 UTC revision 4938 by jfenwick, Wed May 14 01:13:23 2014 UTC
# Line 35  Test suite for the linearPDE  and pdetoo Line 35  Test suite for the linearPDE  and pdetoo
36  __author__="Lutz Gross, l.gross@uq.edu.au"  __author__="Lutz Gross, l.gross@uq.edu.au"
38  import unittest, sys  import esys.escriptcore.utestselect as unittest, sys
39  from esys.escript import *  from esys.escript import *
40  from esys.ripley import Rectangle,Brick  from esys.ripley import Rectangle,Brick
41  from esys.escript.linearPDEs import LinearPDE, SolverOptions  from esys.escript.linearPDEs import LinearPDE, SolverOptions

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