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revision 266 by jgs, Tue Nov 29 06:22:53 2005 UTC revision 267 by jgs, Wed Nov 30 01:13:10 2005 UTC
# Line 16  cxx = 'icc' Line 16  cxx = 'icc'
17  # c flags to use  # c flags to use
18  cc_flags  = '-O3 -IPF_fma -ftz -openmp -openmp_report0 -mp1 -tpp2 -c99 -ansi_alias -no-gcc -fpic -w1 -DSCSL'  cc_flags  = '-O3 -IPF_fma -ftz -openmp -openmp_report0 -mp1 -tpp2 -c99 -ansi_alias -no-gcc -fpic -w1 -DSCSL'
19  cc_flags_debug  = '-g -O0 -openmp -openmp_report0 -tpp2 -c99 -ansi_alias -no-gcc -fpic -w1i -DSCSL'  cc_flags_debug  = '-g -O0 -openmp -openmp_report0 -tpp2 -c99 -ansi_alias -no-gcc -fpic -w1 -DSCSL'
21  # c++ flags to use  # c++ flags to use
22  cxx_flags = '-O3 -IPF_fma -ftz -openmp -openmp_report0 -mp1 -tpp2 -ansi -ansi_alias -no-gcc -fpic -w1 -DSCSL'  cxx_flags = '-O3 -IPF_fma -ftz -openmp -openmp_report0 -mp1 -tpp2 -ansi -ansi_alias -no-gcc -fpic -w1 -DSCSL'

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